07/27/11 09:16 am

Report: No Sign of Deal Making Mood

Things remain frozen in the congressional wrestling match over whose plan will w...
07/25/11 04:44 pm

Reid Announces Debt Plan Without Taxes

The White House caved to the Tea Party today and had Harry Reid issue a $2.7 tri...
07/24/11 05:42 am

Obama: America Has a Debt Problem

Watch Harry Reid and Barack Obama explain why raising the debt limit to $9 trill...
07/23/11 04:45 am

Prez Has Leadership Revelation

The president, though in a petulant mood over stalled debt ceiling talks, seems ...
06/08/11 04:46 am

Harry Reid Not Propping Up Weiner

If Anthony Weiner called Harry Reid for advice, what would he say?
04/14/11 05:19 pm

Obama Admits He Was Too Dumb to be a Senator

The great fraud Obama - revealed by - Obama. George Stephanopoulos: You&rsqu...
04/11/11 02:22 am

Plouffe Pretends President Wants Cuts

David Plouffe made the talk show circuit on Sunday, furthering the new White Hou...
04/09/11 04:58 am

Budget Deal Done: The Kids Can See George

Obama announces the largest annual spending cut in history - $39 billion. (Sad t...
04/07/11 06:41 pm

House Passes CR, Obama Promises to Veto

A rowdy day in the House, as 15 Democrats joined the GOP to pass a continuing re...
01/08/11 07:59 am

Reid: Tea Party Almost Out of Punch

Harry Reid says the Tea Party movement will disappear once the economy recovers....
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