10/10/12 04:46 am

Obama: Two Paths

Anti-Obama vid. You like?
07/26/12 04:25 am

Tucker Carlson: Don't Bet on Obama

Tucker Carlson says no one with the president's resume of economic failure ...
07/06/12 04:49 pm

Obama: Is Reelection Possible?

How much economic struggle will voters overlook? The dismal June jobs report imm...
04/25/12 04:20 am

Hayes: Obama Playing Santa Claus

In reaction to the president's overuse of a common presidential practice - ...
04/20/12 02:05 am

Chris Matthews Thinks Race May Save Obama

What kind of self-respecting liberal could think about Obama's reelection c...
03/27/12 01:11 pm

Liz Warren: Socialist Passion on Cutting Room Floor

Elizabeth Warren says reelecting the president is critical to bringing the socia...
02/11/12 05:09 pm

Rubio: Obama Can't Run on Record

It isn't particularly difficult to make the case that Barack Obama does not...
01/19/12 09:20 am

Krauthammer: Keystone About Reelection for Obama

The Krauth blasts the president for blocking the Keystone pipeline. ... in a wor...
11/08/11 02:10 am

Obama: Hope & Change, Again?

To the informed, an Obama ad that celebrates how he's achieved so much chan...
11/04/11 01:56 am

Obama Odds? Fifty-Fifty

When the president is matched up against Perry and Romney, the Republicans win i...
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