09/22/10 07:32 am

Mourning in America

Mourning in America. The spot is playing off of Reagan's Morning in Ame...
08/18/10 12:12 pm

Remember President Harding

****COOKSEY FILLS IN FOR TODD************** There is a lot of talk these days ab...
03/05/10 05:21 pm

Really Good Harry

Is Harry Reid trying to lose? He couldn't have created a better ad for his ...
08/02/09 04:19 pm

Promises, promises

Big new taxes from the federal government are coming - the only way to close the...
06/28/09 02:32 pm

Man in the Middle

In the middle of a deep recession, why would you deliberately institute a huge i...
01/18/09 02:59 pm

New Era

The economic meltdown has Americans reacting in exactly the wrong way - crying u...
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