10/18/12 04:09 am

Obama: Excuses

This is a wonderful ad from the GOP on Obama's excuses. I'm not going ...
08/22/12 12:46 pm

Obama: Imagine All the Spending

Campaigning in Roanoke Wednesday, Paul Ryan called Obama's economy - with t...
06/02/12 07:57 am

Analysts: Recession Likely

The stalling economy - capped by bad jobs numbers released yesterday, has the pu...
05/06/12 10:13 am

New Romney Ad Hits Bad Jobs Report

The Romney campaign is hitting the president where he needs to be hit - for stan...
02/17/12 10:34 am

The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

10/16/11 07:42 am

Occupy Movement Gets Violent

Why does Lester Holt, reporting on the violent anti-bad economy protests in Euro...
09/19/11 09:56 am

Bill Clinton Explains Why Stimulus Won't Work

He doesn't mean to, I don't believe, but Bill Clinton lays out a good ...
11/05/10 01:41 am

Surreal Pelosi Says Dems Did Great Job on Economy

Deficit reduction? Job creation? In defeat, Nancy Pelosi is not abandoning her d...
10/07/10 04:52 am

Job Killers

Who would you vote for - the Party of Paychecks or the Party of Food Stamps? New...
10/02/10 03:12 pm

'Til It's Over

Listen to this Colorado Congressman, at a debate with her GOP challenger, argue ...
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