06/06/12 04:37 am

Kleefisch: Democracy Looks Like

Best line of the recall goes to a celebrating Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch fol...
06/06/12 02:31 am

GOP Ground Game Takes Wisconsin

It was a huge 7 point win for incumbent Scott Walker as voters voiced approval f...
06/05/12 07:35 pm

Obama Only Tweeted Into Wisconsin Recall

Was Barack Obama lacking confidence in the ability of Mayor Tom Barrett to beat ...
06/05/12 07:06 pm

Exit Polls - Good Signs, Bad SIgns

Three hours before the polls closed, exit polls indicated a tight race in the Wi...
05/26/12 01:25 pm

Walker, Barrett Debate in Wisconsin

Mark Halperin says the upcoming Scott Walker recall victory will be a blow to De...
05/24/12 04:18 pm

Scott Walker: Crushing Labor in Wisconsin

 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appears ready to easily win his recall...
05/09/12 01:50 am

Union Choice Loses Wisconsin Primary

In an ironic result, the Democrat supported by the unions lost in the Wisconsin ...
08/10/11 04:32 am

GOP Holds Wisconsin, MSNBC Holds Pep Rally

Despite all the emotion, all the focus, and all the funds, Democrats failed to w...
08/09/11 03:35 pm

Big Vote in Wisconsin

It's election day in Wisconsin, a result of the successful battle to strip ...
03/16/11 01:29 pm

Love - Union Style

Here's how democracy looks when practiced by the labor movement.
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