07/24/09 04:29 pm

Team Sharpton

Before Wednesday, President Obama was viewed as someone who could bring the coun...
07/21/09 08:31 am

Slip Slidin'

Americans can be a tough lot to figure out.
07/08/09 10:22 pm

Getting Real

The Rasmussen Poll, America's most accurate in the last election cycle, say...
06/21/09 09:54 am

Second Opinion

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that 7% of Americans think that Health...
05/15/09 05:47 pm

Not Married to Dems

How will the GOP survive with so many Americans preferring... ah...
05/10/09 08:39 am

Not So Popular

Fourth place. Out of nine Presidents. Not earth shattering, second coming of JFK...
04/30/09 10:40 pm

Obama Losing

When the former President took us to war, Ted Kennedy famously announced that Ir...
04/23/09 02:59 pm

Lovin' Dick

Who do you love? A slim 51 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Vice Pr...
11/19/08 12:56 am


Radio talk host John Ziegler's documentary of Obama voters is making waves....
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