09/12/12 03:14 pm

Rasmussen: Bounce Gone

The new Rasmussen poll joins Tuesday's ABC News/Washington Post poll in sho...
06/13/12 03:26 pm

Rasmussen Explains Mitt's Wisconsin Lead

It was just a week ago that Americans were absorbing the Scott Walker victory in...
06/10/12 04:07 am

Ohio: Can Former Marine Topple Sherrod Brown?

Lefty Senator Sherrod Brown still holds a slim lead in most polls on his Ohio re...
05/09/12 12:51 pm

Ron Paul Indie Run Changes Nothing

Mitt Romney leads the president by 5% in today's Rasmussen daily tracking p...
02/15/12 03:46 pm

Santorum Ad: Rombo Gets Dirty

The Santorum campaign tries to innoculate itself against Romney attacks with thi...
02/15/12 04:30 am

Poll: Santorum Beats Romney in Head to Head

Pollster Scott Rasmussen says Rick Santorum is the first Republican who has led ...
02/14/12 07:47 pm

Rasmussen: Santorum Surge 'Tremendous'

A new Rasmussen poll confirms the latest trends - that Rick Santorum le...
10/17/11 03:37 pm

Poll: Cain Beats Obama

In the latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters, Mitt Romney loses to the preside...
08/10/11 01:57 am

Rasmussen: Voters Say Tea Party Not Terrorists

Scott Rasmussen says just 29% think the left is being fair when they practice th...
03/24/11 01:46 am

Rasmussen Show Voters Liking GOP on Issues

Guess who voters prefer on the issues?
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