08/19/11 04:36 am

Plantation Overseer Rangel Responds to Allen West

Now that there's a hardnosed Tea Party conservative in congress who's ...
04/06/11 09:45 am

Who's Essential?

02/20/11 10:42 am

O'Reilly Does Wisconsin with Rangel & Gutierrez

Bill O'Reilly confronts Luis Gutierrez and Charlie Rangel about why state w...
12/03/10 02:50 am

Rangel Dangles in Front of Body He Betrayed

Rangel's expulsion speech focuses on his bogus claim that none of his malfe...
12/03/10 02:00 am

Rangel Gets to Keep His Job Despite Guilt

He should have been thrown out. Instead, the corrupt Democrats did as expected, ...
11/20/10 07:44 am

Charlie Was Right About Loyalty

Charlie Baker took alot of crap for saying that loyalty is an overrated virtue i...
11/16/10 01:03 pm

Rangel Innocent! (on 2 of 13 charges)

Justice is slow in congress. In a world controlled by the buddy system, no one i...
08/13/10 03:03 pm

Rangel's Seat

I suppose Charles Rangel thinks he's being funny when he confesses that the...
10/18/09 03:20 pm

Like Ryan

Why can't more Republicans, especially leadership, present in a manner as s...
06/13/09 08:14 am

Sick Deception

If you're a political party with an agenda that voters don't like, you...
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