rand paul

07/20/10 07:40 pm

The Plague

Polls indicate that President Obama is becoming, appropriately, so unpopular tha...
07/12/10 09:58 pm

Good Point

Rand Paul says it in Kentucky, and it's very true. Why aren't more peo...
05/20/10 09:37 pm

Paul Maul

Rand Paul, newly chosen as the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, should h...
05/19/10 03:48 am

The King is Dead

It's always a disappointment to see the forces of evil take a victory, even...
05/18/10 10:13 pm

Party Slap

The power structure, from Republican leader Mitch McConnell to President Obama a...
03/31/10 04:39 am

Weight of Words

Was it America's chickens coming home to roost, as Obama preacher Jeremiah ...
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