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02/25/11 02:12 am

Outrage: Some Crazies Want to Cut Spending

It's hard to believe, but there are actually some scary people out there wh...
02/16/11 07:54 pm

Tea Party Senator: Patriot Act Has Problems

Rand Paul explains his opposition to the Patriot Act.
02/15/11 04:31 am

Ron Paul Says Obama a Warmonger

Ron Paul fires back at Donald Trump for saying that Paul can't win a presid...
01/25/11 07:29 pm

Rand Paul Outlines $500B in Spending Cuts

Rand Paul describes how to cut spending $500 billion - get rid of most spending ...
12/17/10 04:56 am

Rand Paul Consistent in Pushing Spending Cuts

Senator-elect Rand Paul explains why he would have voted against the Obama tax p...
11/15/10 09:31 am

Rand Paul Answers: Will You Compromise in Washington?

Yes, says Rand, there are things he can compromise with the socialists on. For e...
11/11/10 11:00 am

Rand Paul Meets Elliot Spitzer

Rand Paul wasn't pleased with the badgering he took from Elliot Spitzer, so...
11/09/10 06:04 am

Paul and Bachmann Put GOP in Charge

What role will the Tea Party play in what comes next for the GOP in congress? Ra...
11/08/10 07:23 am

Cut Defense Spending, Says Rand Paul

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman isn't the only one saying that...
10/26/10 09:24 am

Rand Paul Pulls a Ronald Reagan

Rand Paul has become very savvy since his hapless performance on the Rachel Madd...
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