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08/30/12 02:20 am

Rand Paul - You Are the Engine

Rand Paul on you did build that. You worked hard, you studied, you labored, you ...
08/05/12 09:57 am

Ted Cruz: Meet the New Rubio

Ted Cruz, soon to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the US Senate after winning t...
05/15/12 08:18 am

Last Call fro Ron Paul

05/13/12 07:27 pm

Rand Paul Thought Prez Couldn't Get Any Gayer

 Rand Paul got the big weekend gay marriage buzz with his remarks from ...
01/23/12 01:46 pm

US Senator Blocked From Flight

Rand Paul (R-KY) missed his flight to Washington today after refusing a TSA patd...
09/15/11 04:29 am

Rand Mocks Prez: Pass This Bill Now

The freshman senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, mocks the president's &q...
08/03/11 08:20 am

A Few Tasty Tid-Bits On Which To Chew

Let’s take a look at what ielse has been going on in the world of pol...
08/01/11 02:18 am

CNN Anchor Harrasses Rand Paul

CNN anchor Don Lemon talks to Rand Paul as if he's an angry libera...
07/30/11 01:31 pm

Rand Paul: I'm Not Here to Make Deals

Rand Paul explains his opposition to the Boehner plan:
07/13/11 08:48 am

A Wednesday List To Ponder

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