04/22/10 10:30 am

Rhinestone Cowgirl

ACORN speaks. Socialists (Democrats) listen. Any of these groups that says, &quo...
04/18/10 07:12 pm

Code Bill

In a speech on Friday, Bill Clinton said he was concerned that political rhetori...
04/12/10 05:09 pm

Tea Party Boston

Will you be there Wednesday, on Boston Common, for the Tea Party Express rolling...
03/05/10 07:49 am

Ranting Left

Did you see this clip yet? MSNBC at its best.
10/02/09 07:43 am

Racist Liberals

Would a conservative publication get away with portraying the President as the B...
06/10/09 10:02 pm

It's Alright

When Judge Sotomayor's views on the superior judgement of Hispanic women hi...
05/30/09 09:26 am

Empathetic Hate Speech

It's Obama's bed. He made it. He's the one who wants emotion to b...
03/31/09 11:08 am

Racial Harmon-y

I'm feeling Angie's pain. Angie Harmon is not afraid to come out and...
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