07/24/10 07:21 am

Coulter Holder

Ann Coulter delights again!
07/24/10 07:02 am

Mean Spirit in Chief

Hey Lefties! Look! The president is a racist.
07/19/10 06:27 pm

Full Force

The irony of the attacks by the NAACP and other Democratic socialists on the Tea...
07/19/10 06:31 am

Bomb Throw

Does the NAACP focus on alleged racism in the Tea Party movement make it relevan...
07/02/10 07:06 pm

Dem Frauds

Democrats used to hate bigots. They used to call you a racist if you raised an e...
06/28/10 05:14 pm

Exalted Democrat

Shouldn't Harry Reid be run out of office for what he said in tribute to Ro...
05/25/10 10:06 pm

Hater in Chief

Is President Obama a racist?
05/19/10 06:13 pm

Simon Says

Clearly, the president is a hater. A racist.
04/28/10 10:58 pm

Comity Comedy

More compassionate hate from race obsessed liberals. Definition of comity: a st...
04/25/10 08:19 pm

Terror Gig

Bill Ayers says, again, he's not a terrorist - never was. While he did decl...
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