10/23/12 06:12 pm

Surprise: Romney Supporters Racist

Last night after the debate, when a producer told Chris Matthews that he hadn�...
08/30/12 04:17 am

Editor Fired for Usual Liberal Hate Speech

This is odd. A DC bureau chief for Yahoo News has been fired after engaging in s...
08/15/12 04:16 am

Joe Biden: Where Am I?

It was a double whammy of gaffes for Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday, as he for...
08/05/12 04:03 am

NBC Called Racist

NBC is taking some heat for placing an ad featuring a monkey doing gymnastics im...
05/02/12 01:41 am

Heckler: Mitt Romney You're a Racist

A New York heckler shares the love and compassion with Mitt Romney as he does a ...
03/20/12 02:11 am

Voter ID Laws - A Wicked, Evil Plot

Why isn't the argument that minorities are disenfranchised by Voter ID Laws...
02/18/12 09:25 pm

Race Free Headline Pulls PC Trigger

The folks at ESPN are so race free in their love of Jeremy Lin, that they were o...
02/06/12 02:55 pm

John King's Freudian Hate Speech

Who knew that CNN's John King is a hater?
02/06/12 05:09 am

Political Ad Wins Super Buzz

You know Peter Hoekstra's Super Bowl ad must have struck Democrats as power...
01/24/12 02:22 pm

Funny: Lefty Talking Points

Joan Walsh of Salon offers up the standard leftist perspective on the GOP candid...
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