06/21/10 07:25 pm

Race Down Steps

Remember the allegations of racist attacks on members of congress made by Democr...
06/02/10 10:35 am

Racing Engines

Liberals can't help themselves - keeping racial tensions high in this count...
05/20/10 09:37 pm

Paul Maul

Rand Paul, newly chosen as the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, should h...
04/27/10 06:01 am

Deliberate Lies

Were they deliberately misleading the media, and the country?
04/05/10 09:02 am

Hateful Radio Ads

White Supremacist Senate Candidate Glenn Miller has created a furor with radio a...
04/01/10 11:29 am

Still Spitting

For nearly two weeks now the media has been repeating the myth that Black member...
03/24/10 07:08 am

Fake Hate

Please see the post on Gateway Pundit that shows there was no outrageous protest...
01/11/10 07:02 pm

Smarmy Fashion

In an attempt to put his comments on President Obama's race behind him toda...
12/13/09 11:28 am

Beyond Liberals

Does Tiger Woods have the right to be attracted to whatever sort of woman he...
10/03/09 02:59 pm

Tacit Nudging

Jeneane Garofalo is at it again. Which racist publication portrayed the Presid...
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