rachel maddow

10/30/12 03:50 am

David Brooks Steams Left with Obama Attack

Mild-mannered NY Times 'conservative' David Brooks doesn't genera...
04/09/12 03:04 pm

Is Mitt(wit) Romney A Liar, Stupid or Both?

02/04/11 02:26 am

Olbermann Sized Hole

Jon Stewart explores the struggle to replace Olbermann.  
11/12/10 06:01 am

Jon Stewart Trashes Left for "Teabagger"

Notice how Rachel Maddow has to put her snarkiness aside when being questions by...
09/30/10 04:29 am

Left Meat

The president attacks Fox News for being destructive, yet has accolades for MSNB...
08/05/10 02:01 pm

Little Davey Dumb

David Letterman provides more evidence that, despite their claims otherwise, Dem...
07/29/10 03:46 pm

Good Bad News

On WRKO this morning, Tom and I were both arguing that the Arizona immigration d...
07/22/10 04:55 pm

Heroes & Villains

Are the right people being blamed in the Shirley Sherrod caper? Fox News is faci...
05/20/10 09:37 pm

Paul Maul

Rand Paul, newly chosen as the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, should h...
05/16/10 09:45 pm

Getting Maddowed

If ACORN has a division in Alabama, perhaps they can get me registered to vote a...
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