race baiting

08/30/12 04:17 am

Editor Fired for Usual Liberal Hate Speech

This is odd. A DC bureau chief for Yahoo News has been fired after engaging in s...
10/17/11 05:37 am

More Race Baiting from Left

A Tulane professor, Melissa Harris Perry, has more racial imagination than even ...
08/16/11 05:17 pm

MSNBC: A Big Black Cloud

I don't know what Ed Schultz is talking about - even with the cute edit, it...
05/01/11 08:13 am

Surprise: Racers Caught on PBS

What is a bigot? a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her o...
09/27/10 08:06 pm

Jealous Hate

While most of the party of hate seems to have gotten the memo telling them to ba...
09/05/10 09:32 pm

Tucker's Lament

Could liberals get through a Sunday of political talk shows without promoting ra...
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