04/20/12 02:05 am

Chris Matthews Thinks Race May Save Obama

What kind of self-respecting liberal could think about Obama's reelection c...
09/23/11 04:13 pm

Freeman: Tea Party Wants to "get this black man outta here"

Morgan Freeman says Mitch McConnell's stated desire to make Obama a one ter...
08/13/11 05:04 pm

Pelosi Panders on Race

The cynicism of Democrats is never more shocking than when they dig their high h...
02/18/11 08:54 am

Liberals Monkeying Around With Race

Why don't liberals get upset over racism that originates from their team? C...
01/23/11 10:02 am

Morgan Freeman: Stop Talking About Race

Morgan Freeman states the obvious - if you want to end racism, stop making every...
12/03/10 07:31 am

It is Always Wrong to Judge People by Skin Color - Most of the Time

A hero of the civil rights movement, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, struggles to ex...
06/30/10 08:56 am

Liberal Flag

Chris Matthews is flying the flag of the leftist media - that's the formula...
06/22/10 05:21 pm

The Race Race

He's got a biography out on the president called The Bridge, and on Howie K...
08/25/09 05:26 pm

The Talent

I know that liberals have an amazing Talent - a sixth sense, I suppose you'...
08/17/09 06:00 pm

Crying 'R'

Home is where the heart is.
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