02/15/12 02:19 pm

Mitt Attacks Rick - Gently...

Mitt Romney is running an attack ad against Rick Santorum in Michigan and Ohio, ...
12/09/11 01:21 am

Gingrich: Shooting Star?

It strikes me as dangerous for Newt that his surge is so substantial and so spee...
11/27/11 07:47 pm

Newt Impresses Conservatives, Leads in Poll

Here's a good example, from a couple of years ago, why many conservatives a...
06/04/10 10:03 am

No Voter Migration

No surpises in the new Rasmussen poll on immigration. Fifty-eight percent (58%) ...
11/19/09 11:28 pm

Photo-Op Bama

It's tough for the president to succeed while trying to be cute.
11/19/09 06:57 am

Autumn Fall

The Rasmussen poll, which surveys likely voters, has shown President Obama'...
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