public option

01/01/11 09:04 pm

ObamaCare - Something You Can Wrap Your Mind Around

Alan Colmes proves once again his uselessness as a pundit in this conversation o...
12/05/10 05:58 pm

Fareed Fawns Over Unfunny Maher

Bill Maher is noteworthy for his predictably left leaning opinions and for the l...
07/26/10 04:57 am

PO'd Over PO

The Left isn't done with its Health Care suicide attempt. House Democrats -...
03/22/10 08:07 pm

Never Die

One silver lining to the Obama attempt to destroy America is that Democrats will...
03/05/10 08:36 pm

Any Lie Will Do

Even if it wasn't the intention of the president to deceive the American pe...
02/20/10 09:22 am

Dream Never Dies

Endangered Colorado Democrat Michael Bennett has written a letter to Harry Reid ...
01/21/10 11:29 pm

The Scott Effect

Scott is changing the political world in unpredictable ways.
12/09/09 05:19 pm

Spoiler Still?

Joe Lieberman's firm opposition to a Public Option has been widely publiciz...
11/27/09 05:45 pm

No Reform

What does the former head of the Democratic National Committee and almost Democr...
11/23/09 09:58 pm

Doubt It

Did you doubt for a minute that the Mammogram advisory would have a devastating ...
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