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11/16/11 08:50 am

Biden: We Fired the First Shot

Remember last winter when Democrats claimed to be appalled by the violence in th...
07/31/11 07:43 am

Left Forgets Tuscon Shootings, Again

Charles Krauthammer again rises to the occasion, reminding the left about their ...
05/24/11 08:49 am

More Hate Mongering From Democratic Mainstream

Howard Dean, who was head of the Democratic National Committee just a couple of ...
04/27/11 05:06 am

Obama Uses Language of Violence

Remember when the Democrats and their media partners made such a big deal about ...
03/22/11 01:31 pm

Nasty Barney: What Else is New?

The Democrats' strong convictions about the tone that should characterize p...
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