10/10/12 01:40 am

Lies: Never a Benghazi Protest

The level of lying the president has engaged in personally to coverup what happe...
08/07/12 05:27 am

Topless Tarts Protest Sharia in London

I love this idea - a topless event at the Olympics to protest Sharia Law.
03/07/12 07:32 pm

Tape of Obama Protest at Harvard Released

Breitbart promised that this election season would be different from four years ...
07/29/10 07:51 am

Against You

Illegal immigrants in Arizona do their best to convince us that they should be d...
07/10/10 04:03 pm

Brewing in Boston

People think that Masschusetts is filled with wackos, but it's more a case ...
05/30/10 11:37 pm


Everything is about race for the Democrats, even the Democrats who have yet to c...
02/17/10 06:50 pm

Intellectual Graffiti

A group of Muslim students last week harassed the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S....
08/13/09 09:28 am

Cowardman Tierney

We had an inspired, and large, crowd turn out today for the protest of the Congr...
07/30/09 01:41 pm

Fake Right

Supporters of illegal immigration are mad at President Obama. They actually expe...
06/25/09 11:13 am

Rock the Vote

Lifted this video from Gateway Pundit. It provides a powerful glimpse into the s...
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