09/18/12 04:51 am

Mitt Holds Ground on 47%

Mitt holds a press conference to restate - sadly, in more benign language - his ...
06/29/11 01:57 pm

Debt Ceiling: Prez Tells Congress to Step-Up

The president says it's not the White House slowing down an agreement on ra...
05/31/11 08:30 pm

Weiner Won't Answer Questions at His Presser

Anthony Weiner tries to quiet Weinergate by refusing to talk about it. Over and ...
12/10/10 09:15 pm

Bill Clinton: I'm in Control Here

Has there ever been a moment like this - a president calling in a former preside...
01/21/10 02:06 am


Scott Brown showed some amazing class and dignity today in his first press confe...
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