press conference

12/23/10 06:21 am

Obama Presser Brings Massage From Media

The president had a press conference yesterday, and boy, did he get hit with all...
09/11/10 10:31 am

Burning Love

They can't stop loving him. A hunk of burning love!
09/10/10 02:46 pm

What We're Saying

The president is now fomenting anger toward Muslims. He has so elevated the impo...
06/18/10 02:19 pm

Can You See?

Remember when, during the campaign, Barack Obama refused to wear a flag pin - he...
05/29/10 06:32 am

Big or Small

Is the secret White House job offer to Congressman Joe Sestak, designed to get h...
11/27/08 02:22 am

Barack Market

Barack held his third press conference in as many days on Wednesday, and the sto...
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