positive rights

07/14/12 06:22 am

Adler: Thoughts on the Constitution

I'm watching a series on Netflix that Bill Moyers hosted 25 years ago calle...
05/18/11 03:32 pm

Senate Considers Loopy Liu

This guy is a darling of the left. Nominated 15 months ago to serve on the Ninth...
06/30/10 03:09 am

Just Say No!

Kagan can't do it. A softball question on whether there's a limit to t...
12/01/09 07:43 pm

The Inconvenient Truth

An unintended consequence of having a radical in the White House is that the pre...
05/26/09 08:10 pm

Unconstitutional Empathy

It appears that Judge Sotomayor will be an important player in Barack Obama'...
03/07/09 09:51 am

Mindless Mantra

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