01/25/12 03:47 pm

Florida Tightens, Newt Raising Money

So, you must be wondering if Newt is surging in Florida like he surged in South ...
01/23/12 07:03 pm

Stephanopoulos: Newt Could Win Nomination

They're not necessarily happy about it, but George Stephanoploulos reports ...
09/06/11 01:51 pm

New Polls Show Obama's Slide

A slew of new polls show the president's numbers starting to catch up to th...
07/14/11 04:28 am

Morris: Obama Losing to Romney

Dick Morris explains why, even when the president is leading in a poll against M...
04/21/11 02:53 pm

The Absurdity of Polls

Political polling used to be—or perhaps I’m just imagining things—confined...
12/29/10 09:34 am

Mitch Daniels is the Most Popular Governor in America

The very popular Mitch Daniels, considered to have strong potential as a GOP pre...
10/21/10 11:13 am

Pat Caddell - GOP Blowing It

Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell has a powerful message for the GOP. While you�...
10/21/10 04:39 am

Key Senate Races Get Tighter

A couple of senate races that looked as if the Dems had taken control of have dr...
09/07/10 12:26 pm

Democrat Spin

What does professional political handicapper Stu Rothenberg predict for November...
06/13/10 07:34 pm

Buying Votes

People who vote for Democrats do so for the subsidies.
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