piers morgan

08/03/11 02:49 pm

Connie Mack Fights Off Piers

A wonderful exchange between host Piers Morgan on CNN and Congressman Connie Mac...
06/15/11 09:03 am

M’Ann Coulter Is An Anti-Semitic Gutless Supporter Of Frontrunners

The Man-Thing is back in the news. Ultra Reich-Wing pundit Ann Coulter appear...
06/07/11 07:49 pm

Wolf Blitzer: Weiner Lies Remind Him of Clinton

Wolf Blitzer explains that he believe it when Anthony Weiner told him that he�...
04/17/11 01:08 pm

Why Whoopi Lives Alone

Whoopi Goldberg explains her lack of a guy in her life. She prefers farting to m...
01/30/11 04:37 am

Piers Not Looking Like King of Evenings

I've ignored Piers Morgan and his new CNN Show thusfar, but was just readin...
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