piers morgan

07/12/12 09:05 am

Robert Blake: I'm a Liar?

Watch Robert Blake rip into Piers Morgan. A riveting TV moment - but is it real,...
05/01/12 06:17 am

Goldberg Upset Over Piers Morgan

In a revealing battle, Jonah Goldberg goes on Piers Morgan to explain why it...
03/07/12 04:22 am

Actor Hatefully Accused of Hate Speech

In an interview with Piers Morgan Friday night, actor Kirk Cameron created a bit...
01/30/12 04:26 am

Kennedy Call Life Changing For Baldwin

Asked for the single most significant moment of his life (after the obvious such...
01/12/12 01:26 pm

Piers Morgan Calls Breitbart 'Notoriously Evil'

You've got to hand it to Piers Morgan - he's honest about his bias. Hi...
11/09/11 02:04 am

Newt Scolds Piers Morgan

Newt bristles when Piers tries to teach him about the reality of politics.
10/20/11 07:11 pm

Herman Cain Reacts to "Racist" Piers Morgan

Liberals continue to spread the baseless lie that the Tea Party is racist - or, ...
09/23/11 04:13 pm

Freeman: Tea Party Wants to "get this black man outta here"

Morgan Freeman says Mitch McConnell's stated desire to make Obama a one ter...
09/02/11 10:08 pm

Amateur Night at the White House

Leftist Frank Rich joins Piers Morgan to lament the "amateur night&...
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