10/08/12 06:44 pm

Pew: Mitt Takes Lead

In a huge swing since their last survey, Mitt Romney now leads by 4 points among...
03/14/12 02:54 pm

Is Obama Really at 41%?

A New York Times poll Monday showed the president dropping 9 points - from 50% a...
05/10/11 04:44 pm

Prez Trying to Trick Latino Voters with Texas Speech

The president knows that immigration reform isn't going to pass in the runu...
04/29/11 01:53 am

ABC Correspondent Blogs on Obama Lie

Jake Tapper busted the president for lying to the American people, an event that...
05/12/10 06:55 pm

Not Swayed

The American people have faced the full force of liberal propaganda - it's ...
12/20/08 05:46 pm

Let it Be

Have you ever wondered what sort of impression the American people would have of...
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