08/07/12 03:00 pm

General Petraeus for VP?

Here's a rumor that sounds real - just cause it would be such a surprise, a...
04/05/11 05:28 am

Is Terry Jones to Blame?

Have you noticed that every Democrat talking about the killings in Afghanistan t...
06/27/10 02:23 pm

Disrupt & Dismantle

How do we disrupt and dismantle al Qaeda in Afghanistan if they're not ther...
06/24/10 01:27 pm

President Petraeus

Is the General being sent to Afghanistan to ruin his chances of running for pres...
06/23/10 07:20 pm

Pelican President

The bureaucrats are continuing to interfere with the oil  cleanup effort. The ...
06/23/10 06:26 pm

McChrystal Dumped

The president expressed his unhappiness with the General when he fired him today...
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