peter schiff

11/01/11 07:51 am

The 1% Returns to Wall Street

Peter Schiff has a new video out from his visit to Occupy Wall Street. The debat...
10/29/11 06:43 am

Schiff v Shyster

Here's a great debate between Peter Schiff and Cornel West on government re...
10/27/11 07:23 pm

99%, Interrupted

More Peter Schiff - a representative of the 1% - offering up some logic to the O...
10/27/11 04:26 am

CEO Challenges the Anarchists

Great debate - CEO versus Occupiers. It's no surprise, but it is still star...
01/03/11 11:38 am

Case-Shiller Report Says Housing in Double Dip

Economist Robert Shiller says the housing market is in a double dip recession - ...
08/06/10 08:43 am

Economic Laughter

You can't follow Keynes... Keynes didn't understand economics... Keyne...
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