09/23/11 09:14 am

Perry Accuses Mitt of RomneyCare Deletions

Perry nails Romney for changes to his book between hardcover and soft. Subject: ...
09/23/11 04:18 am

Mitt: There's Another Rick Perry Out There

At the Orlando debate Thursday night, Rick Perry said that he never argued for S...
09/22/11 03:47 pm

Debate in Florida Tonight, Obama's Worst State

How are things looking for the president in Florida, a state which he won in 200...
09/21/11 02:26 pm

New Perry Ad Hits Obama on Economy

New Perry ad emphasizes Obama's economy.
09/17/11 07:33 am

Krauthammer: Is It a Ponzi Scheme?

Charles gives the ultimate answer on Social Security.
09/13/11 02:58 pm

Rick Perry's Social Security Problem

What is Rick Perry's biggest problem? Joe Scarborough says it's not th...
09/13/11 06:45 am

A Question for Every Democrat

Great question from Monday's GOP debate. Out of every dollar that I earn, h...
09/13/11 05:30 am

Perry Attacked New Hampshire Primary

Rick Perry attack material is starting to appear now that he's in a solid l...
09/13/11 04:32 am

Debate: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The introduction of the candidates at Monday's debate was like NBA introduc...
09/13/11 02:14 am

Perry Attacked on HPV Drug Order

Rick Perry, now the solid frontrunner after maintaining his lead following last ...
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