05/16/10 04:42 am

Killing Guns, Killing Jobs

Sarah Palin spoke to the NRA on Friday. Former Republican vice presidential cand...
05/11/10 10:13 pm

Stating Church

The socialists will use any tactic available to undo America - even enlisting th...
05/07/10 11:05 am

Craven Specter

How much fun would it be to be the Democrat trying to unseat Arlen Specter, a re...
04/27/10 06:01 am

Deliberate Lies

Were they deliberately misleading the media, and the country?
04/23/10 06:53 am

Compassionate Street

Nancy Pelosi can't think of any reason that Wall Street gives so much money...
04/12/10 11:51 am


Part of an international plan.
03/21/10 12:47 pm

Closing Weak

The normal rules of political physics would suggest a strong finish for the bad ...
03/20/10 06:10 pm

Demon Pass

Were the Dems ever seriously considering using the dreaded Deem and Pass tactic?...
03/19/10 04:36 pm

Very Sure

Immersed in their usual game of best foot forward, Democrats claims of success o...
03/19/10 07:06 am

Climate Change

The climate in Washington is being ruined by the ruthless Democrats in power. Vi...
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