06/06/11 07:31 pm

Meagan Broussard: Weiner's Twitter Girl

A Texas woman, "who describes herself as a 26-year-old Army veteran, colleg...
05/19/11 04:07 am

Palin Reaction to Pelosi the Waiver Queen

Palin critiques Pelosi, queen of health care waivers.
05/05/11 01:58 am

Pelosi: Hail to Which Chief?

Nancy Pelosi, the destructive witch that she is, said five years ago that it did...
02/19/11 06:58 am

Shields & Brooks on Wisconsin

Middle of the road guy David Brooks says the union deals have to be changed, and...
01/14/11 09:10 am

Pelosi's Not Buying It

Nancy Pelosi tells Chris Matthews she doesn't buy the idea that Tip O'...
01/05/11 02:25 pm

Good Guys Take Over

John Boehner is speaker. Boehner was chosen in a vote by the full 435-member Ho...
12/27/10 06:05 pm

Media Montage Reveals Great Left Wing Conspiracy

How does the media get so many people to say the same thing? This was the "...
12/03/10 08:31 am

Pelosi Says Create Jobs By Paying the Jobless

Nancy Pelosi explains that there is no better government spending than unemploym...
12/03/10 02:00 am

Rangel Gets to Keep His Job Despite Guilt

He should have been thrown out. Instead, the corrupt Democrats did as expected, ...
12/02/10 03:10 pm

Boehner Laments Pelosi's Bull-crap Tax Bill

Incoming Speaker John Boehner isn't pleased with the latest move by the soc...
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