08/31/11 02:21 pm

Pelosi: Rich Are Chasing Immortality

Filthy rich Nancy Pelosi psychoanalyzes the rich and finds the answer to why the...
08/13/11 05:04 pm

Pelosi Panders on Race

The cynicism of Democrats is never more shocking than when they dig their high h...
08/03/11 01:58 am

Democrats Say Government Will Create Jobs

Durbin talks about helping families, who he says are being crushed by the new de...
07/26/11 03:06 pm

Tiger Quits After Sex with 18 Year Old

Oh, sorry, that's David 'Tiger' Wu, Congressman from Oregon, not ...
07/25/11 01:28 pm

Congressman Wu Gets Lucky

How lucky for David Wu, the already troubled congressman from Oregon who has bee...
07/23/11 04:45 am

Prez Has Leadership Revelation

The president, though in a petulant mood over stalled debt ceiling talks, seems ...
07/11/11 04:22 am

George Will: It's Can Abuse!

George Will says the Obama crowd has kicked the budget can down the road so many...
06/12/11 07:50 am

Breitbart Says More Weiner Revelations to Come

As Anthony Weiner goes off to rehab in order to hide from attempts to pressure h...
06/11/11 09:56 pm

The Ultimate Weiner: Anthony Does Rehab

Now he's playing the treatment card.
06/11/11 11:22 am

Weiner: A Member Making Decisions

Those Dems are always fighting to desexualize women, you know. Just ask Nancy Pe...
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