paul ryan

08/15/10 04:32 am

Demagogue Starts With Dem

President demagogues on Social Security in his weekly radio address. On the 75th...
07/28/10 02:21 am

Ryan's Take

Congressman Paul Ryan, budget heavyweight that he is, weighs in on why the Obama...
07/27/10 05:07 am

Ryan Truth

Watch Paul Ryan offer sharp and specific spending guts and get maligned with Geo...
04/13/10 11:19 am

Conservative Progressive

Glenn Beck got the impression that conservative Congressman Paul Ryan might be a...
03/16/10 11:37 am

Trying Castro Care

The vulgarity of the Obama push for Castro Care has triggered a socialist ally, ...
02/25/10 07:12 pm

Screw the People

What will come of the Obama TV show today on health care reform? Going forward, ...
02/21/10 08:59 am

Straw Man

Ron Paul is this year's Straw Man. Rep.
10/18/09 03:20 pm

Like Ryan

Why can't more Republicans, especially leadership, present in a manner as s...
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