02/06/12 02:47 pm

Eli Rules, Gisele Schools

You've got to admire Gisele's loyalty - she doesn't have much pat...
01/23/12 09:32 am

Steve Tyler a Divisive Figure

The country is divided over whether Steve Tyler did a good job on the national a...
04/12/11 02:05 pm

Tom Brady Cries, Hits Insurance Industry

The world is in such a tizzy over Tom Brady's crying episode while describi...
07/28/10 12:52 pm

Bad, Bad Patriots!

Democrats are trying to demonize Republicans by linking them to the Tea Party. T...
09/09/09 05:06 pm


A couple of seasons back, the New England Patriots went 16-0, winning all their ...
12/29/08 10:31 am

Losers, Not

The Pats had a great season despite the loss of their starting quarterback - the...
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