03/14/11 09:56 am

Bachmann Prowess Ignored In Gaff Hunt

Michelle Bachmann made a huge splash in New Hampshire over the weekend. I introd...
02/08/11 09:21 am

Palin Says Obama Waiting for the Beep

Sarah complains that the president hasn't explained our course regarding Eg...
02/07/11 12:35 pm

Aaron Sorkin Attacks 'Witless Bully' Palin on 60 Minutes

"Social Network" writer Aaron Sorkin doesn't like Sarah Palin.
01/27/11 09:35 am

Meghan McCain: Bachmann is Poor Man's Palin

If Barack Obama has the experience to be president, then why shouldn't Megh...
01/18/11 01:29 pm

Palin Uses Hannity Forum To Mount Defense

Sarah Palin went on the Sean Hannity Show to defend herself from attacks from th...
01/18/11 06:54 am

Christie Not Arrogant Enough to Run For President

Chris Christie is the only politician who beats President Obama in a recent poll...
01/12/11 07:21 pm

Dershowitz Defends Palin Against Shrill Cries of Left

Sarah Palin fights back against the sick bastards who are using the horrible eve...
01/12/11 06:10 am

Chris Matthews Uses Violent Language

Chris Matthews resorts to violent rhetoric in his diatribe against violent rheto...
01/09/11 05:41 am

Anti-Vitriol Crowd Rushes to Turn Up Heat

I imagined that the stunning nature of events in Arizona yesterday would quiet, ...
01/03/11 03:15 pm

George Will on Palin

Who will be the GOP nominee for President? Sarah Palin can't be elected, ex...
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