06/09/11 09:53 am

Newsweek's Todd "First Dude" Palin Fluff Piece

06/07/11 07:58 am

Palin's Midnight Ride Through Historical Inaccuracy And Revisionism

Those are Sarah Palin’s words spoken while in Boston, the Cradle o...
06/06/11 02:36 pm

Podesta: Mitt Wants Palin in the Race

Former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta says it may be counterintuitive, but ...
06/05/11 05:12 pm

Sarah: Sorry If She Stepped on Any Toes

Chris Wallace asked Sarah Palin why she thinks she holds such sway over the medi...
06/03/11 09:02 pm

Paul Revere: Ringing Those Bells

Maybe Palin was confusing Paul Revere with the band Paul Revere and the Raiders?...
06/03/11 08:14 am

Palin's Magical History Tour Continues

06/02/11 02:28 pm

Mitt: Still Stiff & Looking Terrific

Mitt's had three years to work on his biggest weakness - his inability to r...
06/02/11 07:33 am

Dopes on MSNBC Treat Audience Like Morons

Personally, I don't think the guys on MSNBC are as dumb as the arguments th...
06/02/11 04:28 am

Wacko Left Attacks Palin for Flag

Martin Bashir makes Palin into a criminal for using flag motifs on her bus? Unde...
06/01/11 06:47 am

Weekly Whacky News Wrap-Up 5/24 - 6/1/11

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