03/27/10 08:01 pm

Raining Men

Speaking at a "Conservative Woodstock" in Harry Reid's Nevada hom...
02/25/10 07:12 pm

Screw the People

What will come of the Obama TV show today on health care reform? Going forward, ...
02/21/10 08:59 am

Straw Man

Ron Paul is this year's Straw Man. Rep.
02/09/10 03:47 pm

Chuck News

The war against Fox News got hotter today, as NBC News political editor Chuck To...
11/19/09 11:28 pm

Photo-Op Bama

It's tough for the president to succeed while trying to be cute.
10/31/09 08:21 pm

Dede Done

Remember a few months ago when the main stream media declared the GOP to be dead...
07/27/09 07:21 am

Moving On

Sarah Palin is no longer Governor of Alaska. What's next?
07/05/09 01:35 pm

Palin Perplexer

Sarah Palin's decision to quit with 18 months left in her first term as Gov...
06/16/09 03:52 pm

Dave's Bill

Bill Maher, the unfunniest of the liberal media comedians, creates a lot of brea...
06/13/09 12:35 am

Poor Dave

Disgusting exploitation, isn't it?
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