01/03/11 04:36 am

Bill Kristol: Government Health Care Means Rationing

Chris Wallace defends ObamaCare by pointing out that rationing is already going ...
01/01/11 09:16 pm

Krauthammer Explains Weakness of Palin

Palin isn't going to be a player in 2012 says Krauthammer.
12/27/10 07:02 am

Liberal Hate Speech From Juan Williams

Juan offers his 2012 assessment. The GOP has a weak field, and Sarah Palin lacks...
12/23/10 08:53 pm

Assange: Another Idiot Trying to Make a Name

Julian Assange says Palin and Huckabee should face charges for tring to incite h...
12/18/10 05:06 am

Sarah Palin Slaps Down Aaron Sorkin on ABC News

Robin Roberts went to Alaska for an ABC News feature on Sarah Palin. She sounds ...
12/17/10 05:05 am

Krauthammer - Mitt's Legit, Sarah's Not

Charles Krauthammer talks about Mitt's presidential chances, and compares S...
12/17/10 04:43 am

Is Palin TV Show Helping Her Political Future

O'Reilly asks Sarah Palin if she's hurting her presidential prospects ...
11/29/10 04:55 am

Something Exciting For Bill to Contemplate - Sarah

Chris Matthews compares Sarah Palin to Bill Clinton, which one could perceive as...
11/27/10 05:09 am

Palin Tongue Slip Feeds Liberal Storyline

When the media has a storyline in its mouth, it doesn't like to let go. Lik...
11/25/10 10:53 am

The 180 Degree Rule

President Obama says he doesn't think about Sarah Palin. Hey, who wants to ...
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