02/09/11 04:38 am

Howard Dean: No Roads Without Redistribution

Howard Dean says if you don't want to redistribute wealth, then you don...
02/08/11 02:49 pm

Pro-Choice Lawyer Wendy Murphy Slams Planned Parenthood

Just saw this... Wendy Murphy was on O'Reilly last week with Laura Ingraham...
02/06/11 08:08 pm

Obama & O'Reilly Both Shine in Super Bowl Interview

President Obama is doing his best to prop up Fox News and Bill O'Reilly, an...
02/06/11 06:03 am

Laura Goes Wild Over Stunning Sex Sting Tapes

Laura Ingraham tears into Planned Parenthood supporter Jane Kleeb over the organ...
01/11/11 12:53 pm

O'Reilly Blasts Krugman and NY Times

O'Reilly had a hard-hitting "Memo" last night, doing what we did ...
01/07/11 09:05 am

Proud Socialist Roseanne Barr Pushes Book on O'Reilly

Since she's such a socialist, will Roseanne be turning the proceeds of the ...
12/17/10 04:43 am

Is Palin TV Show Helping Her Political Future

O'Reilly asks Sarah Palin if she's hurting her presidential prospects ...
12/10/10 10:09 am

O'Reilly's View on The View on Letterman

O'Reilly on Letterman, explaining how excited he was when Joy and Whoopi wa...
11/24/10 06:05 am

O'Reilly - Scanning For Laughs

Alan Colmes gets the worst of a one liner battle with O'Reilly.
11/17/10 04:53 am

How About We look for the terrorists

Ann Coulter joins O'Reilly to discuss case of a 4 year old Tennessee girl, ...
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