10/26/12 04:41 am

Peace: War on Women Over

A new AP poll shows the gender gap closed! Peace declared in the War on Women. D...
10/25/12 09:10 am

Beckel: Liberal Media No Problem

After O'Reilly does a talking points memo on how all the network anchors ar...
09/12/12 01:58 am

Stephanopoulos: 'Abortion Should be Rare'

O'Reilly challenge George Stephanopoulos in an interview last night - isn&#...
08/09/12 04:20 am

Dick Morris on Mitt the Cancer Killer

Dick Morris says the Romney campaign should respond to the latest Bain attack ad...
08/02/12 08:19 am

O'Reilly Does Chik-Fil-A

Adam Corolla talks Chik-Fil-A on O'Reilly last night (about 3 minutes in).....
05/24/12 04:29 am

Jay Carney: Occupied By Evil Spirits?

Jay Carney gets more flumoxed then usual - truly lost - trying to defend the pre...
03/22/12 05:02 am

Congressman Tells O'Reilly Nazis Attacked Pearl Harbor

Congressman Keith Ellison shakes his head in dismay over the ignorance of Bill O...
03/01/12 08:06 am

You Know This Writer Maureen Dowd?

A quick funny thing...
01/05/12 02:22 am

Santorum Denies Saying "Black" People

On O'Reilly Wednesday night, Rick Santorum says he's worked hard on bl...
12/21/11 11:10 am

Limbaugh’s Lies Exposed By Ed Schultz

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