08/07/12 05:27 am

Topless Tarts Protest Sharia in London

I love this idea - a topless event at the Olympics to protest Sharia Law.
06/19/12 04:34 pm

O'Donnell Mocks Ann Romney's MS Horse

These guys at MSNBC must be under intense pressure to be talking shit at all tim...
02/20/12 10:12 am

Fehrnstrom: We Were Trying to Avoid Another Munich

Rick Santorum says that Mitt's big Olympics achievement consists of having ...
11/09/11 08:46 pm

Mitt: I'm a Man of Steadiness and Constancy

In the CNBC debate, Mitt Romney was asked how voters could know that he has some...
12/18/09 08:00 am


President Obama loves Scandinavia. They've done so many nice things for him...
10/03/09 08:36 am

Gates Effect

Might the president's attempts to get health care legislation through congr...
10/02/09 03:16 pm

Obama Loses Election

Stunning Defeat for White House White House advisers, many of them Chicago ...
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