05/24/12 04:29 am

Jay Carney: Occupied By Evil Spirits?

Jay Carney gets more flumoxed then usual - truly lost - trying to defend the pre...
05/07/12 08:14 am

Michael Moore: The Times They Are a Changin'

Michael Moore does a rant, then we hear him sing Dylan's "The Time...
03/23/12 05:15 am

Occupy Practices Bigotry & Intolerance in NYC

Hateful Occupy protesters mock and dehumanize the working men and women of the 9...
03/06/12 02:06 am

Arrests as Occupiers Removed in Florida

Florida Occupiers, attached with PVC and duck tape, removed in West Palm Beach.
02/15/12 05:10 am

Santelli Says Tea Party Not Over

CNBC's Rick Santelli, whose spontaneous rant a couple of years back is cred...
02/04/12 07:14 am

Police Respond as Occupy Protests 'Violence of Capitalism'

Police raided Occupy DC Saturday morning.
01/24/12 04:58 pm

Mitt too Rich for George

How does ABC News feel about Mitt Romney's success in business? Just how ri...
12/21/11 07:29 pm

Newt Facing Ugly Occupy Intimidation

Newt gets harrassed by Occupiers, who accuse him of being the candidate of the 1...
12/09/11 07:56 am

Gandhi Makes Occupy Boston Appearance

Occupy Boston was under a midnite eviction notice Thursday night, and protesters...
12/09/11 07:09 am

O'Reilly Assaults Occupier?

Bill O'Reilly used his umbrella to fend off an Occupier in Washington the o...
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