10/28/09 07:06 pm

Liars Truth

The liars do reveal the truth. You just have to go looking. This is the best co...
10/20/09 03:06 am

Against Change

How confident are the American people that ObamaCare would create positive chang...
10/18/09 03:20 pm

Like Ryan

Why can't more Republicans, especially leadership, present in a manner as s...
10/08/09 10:00 pm

What You Want

America wants health care reform, it's true. It's also true that Am...
09/28/09 06:37 am

Honest Dems

Some people claim that Democrats are all dishonest - that they'll never put...
09/27/09 06:51 pm

Sad Story

09/19/09 09:22 am

Socialize the Socialism

Beware of social programs looking to stave off bankruptcy by creating new social...
08/30/09 07:26 am

Ideology in the Way

Will ObamaCare drive up the cost of health insurance? Here's what R. Glenn ...
08/24/09 01:07 pm

Traitor Joe

Does Health Care Reform make sense in a bad economy? Not to Joe Lieberman, who o...
08/11/09 11:12 am

Town Trouble

Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland held a Town Meeting last night - you have to ad...
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