09/07/11 08:42 pm

Newt Gingrich Rips ObamaCare at Debate

Newt rocks the debate with attack on ObamaCare.
08/12/11 04:19 pm

Obama Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional

The appeals court in Atlanta has ruled the individual mandate unconconstitutiona...
06/22/11 09:23 am

Business Running From ObamaCare

A new survey says that 84% of employers are looking at options for eliminating h...
05/19/11 04:07 am

Palin Reaction to Pelosi the Waiver Queen

Palin critiques Pelosi, queen of health care waivers.
05/12/11 06:48 pm

Romney Attempts Health Care Pivot

Mitt attempts a health care pivot, defending his plan for Massachusetts before g...
04/26/11 01:04 pm

Supremes May Rule on ObamaCare in 2012

The Virginia Attorney General asked the Supremes to make a fast ruling on the co...
04/02/11 04:43 am

Once Fringy Barnett at Center of Fight Against ObamaCare

Once viewed as a fringy law professor to be ignored for his resistance to the ut...
04/01/11 12:42 pm

Mitt(wit) Romney Speaks Too Soon And Eats His Words

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed column in yesterday�...
03/31/11 07:37 pm

Lefty McDermott Explains ObamaCare is a Death Panel

Remember during the health reform debate how the Dems said it was the administra...
03/28/11 07:45 am

No Brit - Here's What Hume Said

The president would have won some GOP votes for ObamaCare if only some Republica...
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