09/12/12 03:14 pm

Rasmussen: Bounce Gone

The new Rasmussen poll joins Tuesday's ABC News/Washington Post poll in sho...
09/12/12 12:48 pm

Media Debate Mitt's Libya Timing

The liberal media seems not to have noticed an Obama crisis in the Middle East -...
09/12/12 05:21 am

Krauthammer: It's a Joke

Charles Krauthammer isn't impressed with the White House explanation for wh...
09/10/12 04:26 pm

Vandehei: Romney Campaign is Nervous

Internal polls for the GOP make things look worse in Ohio than the 5 point Obama...
09/10/12 02:52 pm

Hume: Democrats Win Convention Wars

There's just something about the president that he has such a hold on voter...
09/10/12 04:54 am

Peggy Noonan: Romney Needs a Houdini

Peggy Noonan says the president has put Mitt Romney in a Bush Box, and she says ...
09/10/12 04:25 am

Spot: Obama Gets Dumped

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do.
09/07/12 02:16 am

Obama: It's Easy to Reduce Oil Imports

The president's amazed by how much you can slow oil imports if you just cur...
09/04/12 02:55 pm

Reelect President OCarter?

Nice merger from the GOP. Carter and Obama, failed presidents.
09/03/12 04:49 pm

Obama: Give it to me One More Time

The Obama Show - like watching on Black & White.
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