09/19/12 01:45 am

Obama: Take From the Productive

The president's redistributive (socialist) leanings are well documented ove...
09/18/12 03:12 pm

Krauthammer: Why They're Blaming the Movie

Krauthammer cites new polls that show a huge drop in approval of the US in the M...
09/18/12 03:06 pm

Romney Targets Obama's War on Women

Killer ad on debt from the Romney campaign. Dear Daughter - Your share of Obama&...
09/17/12 12:41 pm

Funny, How?

The media's acting like the spoofing of the candidates on Saturday Night wa...
09/17/12 04:22 am

Andrea Mitchell: No One Could Do Better

Andrea Mitchell has a good explanation for why President Obama has made a mess o...
09/16/12 08:24 am

The Liberal Utopia Video

This might be worth watching - I think it's for the condescending look of i...
09/15/12 08:02 am

Krauthammer: Obama Absent During Catastrophe

The Middle East is melting down and the media is fixated on one Mitt Romney comm...
09/15/12 01:00 am

Ad: Obama Loves Office, Not Job

Crossroads hits Obama for being poser in chief.
09/14/12 01:42 am

Obama: On Hallucinogens?

On Wednesday, Obama decided that our strongest/longest arab ally besides Saudi A...
09/13/12 07:07 pm

White House: Not Ready For Prime Time

The White House scrambles to correct after the president says longtime ally Egyp...
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