09/27/12 11:56 am

He Said He Would Change Washington

A great message from the GOP in a new web ad.
09/26/12 04:07 pm

Mitt Acts Like He Cares

Mitt starts to act like his goals weren't met when he won the GOP nominatio...
09/26/12 01:58 am

President Still Won't Call it Terror

The president still isn't on the same page with the rest of his administrat...
09/24/12 04:01 pm

Mitt Hits Prez on 'Bump in the Road'

Mitt Romney responded Monday to the president's suggestion on 60 Minutes th...
09/21/12 04:45 am

Change Agent Obama Says Change Not Possible

In a bizarre mistake during a Univision interview yesterday, President Obama, wh...
09/20/12 06:58 pm

Chuck Todd: Context Ruins Obama Socialist Confession

Chuck Todd thinks that when you play the rest of what Senator Obama said 14 year...
09/20/12 04:26 am

Examiner: Obama Biographical Distortions

Much about the Obama biography - accepted and repeated by the adoring media - is...
09/20/12 02:03 am

Admission: Libya Attack Was Terrorism

The Obama administration is now admitting that the attack on our diplomats in Be...
09/19/12 05:07 pm

Romney hits Prez on Redistribution

Mitt continues on the dependency theme, going after the president for his redist...
09/19/12 04:52 pm

Ad Hits Obama's Support of Brotherhood

This ad's pretty powerful. The ad running in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia a...
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